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Hay Feeders For Sale in Indiana

Item Number - 1050
Standard Price Range - $1379 - $1550
Ready to Pickup - 2 to 3 weeks from purchase
Sizes - 5' x 10'

Well built 5' x 10' square bale feeders have steel frames and runners and wooden floor. 5 Foot Wide and 10 Foot Long and will handle all large square hay bales. Has heavy duty steel runners for easy mobility. Has pins and end panel lifts up and out for easy loading of hay bales. This feeder comes in standard hunter green. Head openings are 16 inches on center and head bars are at a 22 and one have degree angle. These are excellent feeders for cattle, sheep, and goats. We also have this feeder for horses, which has straight head openings and is a little taller to help prevent wear on the horses mane.

Wabash Valley Enterprises


Rockville Indiana 47872

Livestock Feeders - Wabash Valley Enterprises

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