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1. Property where your having your cabin set:
We realize it's hard to budget without knowing cost ahead of time. We do have standard pricing and floor plans available to help determine a starting point for your project. Our experts can get you relatively close. We do recommend having these items in place before proceeding with custom quotes and shop tours but it is not required. With every state, city and county land restrictions, code requirements and HOA's can dictate cabin requirements and pricing. Although planning ahead is crucial it's also beneficial to know where the cabin is going to be placed so we can provide accurate information and pricing. It is still your responsibility to take care of code requirements and get the permits needed for your cabin project.

2. Financing: ( Sorry We Are Not A Bank )
We do not finance any of our finished cabin models. It will be up to you to secure financing for your finished cabin. We do have a rent to own program on our unfinished cabin models up to $10000 as long as your within 150 miles of Marshall Indiana 47859.

3. Determine size and layout and which of our models you think will work best:

You need to get an idea of what size cabin you will need to suit your needs. We have several finished and unfinished cabin models available to be custom built for you.

4. Determine what type of foundation you want:
We can sit your cabin down straight on the ground, on a concrete slab, on stone, cement block foundation, or on a basement. The cabin foundation is your responsibility. If you are going with a basement or cement block foundation we will help you with the drawings and measurements you will need to have the work done.

5. Plan a visit with us or give us a call for an initial visit:
Once you have a rough idea of what you want, get with our experts to help you in putting your ideas down on paper with what we can do. You need to ask questions and throw out ideas so we can better get an idea of what you want your cabin to look like. Once we have spoken we will put everything down on paper, draw up your floor plan and send you out an initial estimate.

6. Once you decide to go with us on building your cabin:
You need to schedule an appointment to meet with us and our builder in person. At this meeting you will go over all aspects of your cabin from kitchen cabinets to bathroom fixtures. Once you are completely satisfied with how your cabin is going to be build we are then ready to put it on the schedule to be built. We will do up an invoice with everything written out on it and get you a floor plan dawn out to go along with invoice as well.

7. Initial payment and building phase:
Your initial 25% down will get your cabin into the building schedule. At and during this time if you have additional ideas, suggestions, or request let us know as they can be easily responded to and taken care of at this time. Once they start building changes will be harder to be made.

8. Building your cabin phase:
At this point another 50% down is due to get building started.

9. Finished with building your cabin:
At this point your cabin is ready for your inspection and any issues would be resolved at this time.

10. Delivering your cabin:
At this time we will give you a call and schedule a delivery date and time for your new cabin. Final 25% payment is due at this time prior to the delivery date.
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