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Business Hours For Online Sales and In Person Ordering

  • Online Sales Office Monday through Friday from 8-4 eastern time and Saturday from 10-2 eastern time on Saturdays.

  • 888-568-2035 Voice Calls  -  833-335-1496 Text Only Calls

Display Model Viewing and In Person Sales! 

  • If you are wanting to stop by and view our products or to place an order in person, email us or call us to see if we have a display model on hand and that we can direct you to the right sales lot for the item you are interested in seeing and schedule an appointment before you make the trip over here. We are very busy and we have folks that show up and then can't be helped in a timely manner because we are helping others, so please schedule your visit to make sure we will be able to assist you when you come. 

  • Displays can be viewed be Monday through Friday from 8-4 and Saturdays from 10-2 eastern time.

  • Sunday – Closed – Displays are not available to be viewed!


How To Contact Us For Pre-Sales Questions


How to Get a Sales Quote

  • Email us letting us letting us know what you would like to get a quote on? Make sure you include  the item or items descriptions and quantities, your name, phone number and if you are also wanting a quote for shipping and delivery please include your shipping / delivery address. We will get you a quote and email you back within 24 hours during normal business hours of Monday through Friday from 8-4 eastern time.

  • Use the email form below or, or

How to Place an Order

  • Call us at 888-568-2035 (Voice Only) if no answer please try again in a short period of time as we are most likely helping other customers.

  • You can text us at 833-335-1496 (Text Only) and respond with your question and message and we will get back to you as soon as we are available.

  • Use the email form below or, or

  • Ordering By Email. Send us an email with your name, delivery/shipping address, phone number, quantity and descriptions including color of the items you want to order. Once we receive your order we will make an invoice and email it to you. The invoice can then be paid directly from the invoice by e-check directly from your checking account or you may mail us a personal check, business check, cashiers check, or money order along with a copy of your invoice to pay for your order. We also take cash or checks if you are paying in person at our sales office.

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