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Become a Dealer

Why become a dealer for Wabash Valley Enterprises?

Wabash Valley Enterprises has sold over five million dollars in products over the past 5 years. Our sales have grown each and every year! We couldn’t have gotten this far without  having a great selection of quality made products. We are now looking for more dealers to help our company grow. What few dealers we have are currently spread throughout the the Midwest in 10 different states. They are our main way of selling our products outside of our local sales office location located at Marshall, Indiana. Our fabrication shops are located in Rockville, Indiana. Not only do we have outstanding quality and service, but we also have a very large base of loyal repeat customers who continue to purchase our products year after year. We’re one of the few building manufacturers in the Midwest who use only premium quality building material in all of our buildings. We don't fudge on quality or craftsmanship!

If you ever need any help, our dealer representatives assist our dealers and make sure they have everything needed to become a successful dealer. If our dealers ever need any help with quotes or have any questions regarding manufacturing, then our dealer sales department is always available to answer any questions or concerns.


What does it cost to become a dealer?

You know the saying, “You need money to make money?” All that is needed is $5000 to get started selling our products as a dealer. All our dealers make at least 5% sales commission per sales order on the first $100000 in sales and then 7.5% on all sales orders over $100000 during the year. If you put any effort into it at all you should be at the 7.5% level within a couple of months. If you sell over $250000 in the first year we will refund your $5000 back to you. 

How to Sell Our Products

98% of all sales of our products are done from ours and our dealers websites with orders being placed via email or directly over the phone. If you have a business that has a lot and a great sales location we will also sell our products to you and then you are welcome to mark them up 15% to 25% and make a little extra money.

We have several folks who don't even use a website they sell to their own customers or advertise our products for sell on social media and take orders that way.

How To Get Started

  1. Select a name and purchase your own website domain name through a internet service provider of your choice such as network solutions, go daddy, host gator etc.

  2. We will create a website for you with your business information and email address

  3. You point your website domain name to the website we create and your ready to go. All this takes about a week or less.

  4. We maintain the website with current pricing and our product information.

If you're interested in adding extra income to your pockets give us a shout via email and we will be glad to help you get started! Our products are fairly easy to sell!!!!
Here is a sample website being used by one of our dealers in Missouri 
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